Best Negroni of Florence

Luca Picchi is the Rivoire barman. The Piazza dellaSignoria coffee had always been famous for chocolate, but in recent years it has gained another important award: here you can taste the Negroni in philological version and in several forms.
About Luca Picchi that, on the subject, has also written a book, Negroni cocktail, published by Giunti, and given to the press last July. A book that tells the story of the inventor of the drink, the Count Negroni, in great detail, often unpublished, published photos thanks to the kind permission of the heirs and a rich appendix in which all the countless variations are told Cocktail made around the world.

Rivoire has three paper versions of the famous drink: the classical, the Luca Picchi variant that involves the use of the new martini and a superior gin and a splash of soda and especially the glass with jelly Negroni and zest candied orange. A real treat to eat and drink, in fact.
Finally, there is also a non-alcoholic version, with the juice of raspberries, for those who do not want to give up the pleasure of sipping a cocktail.